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Nurturing a love of learning

In Beech Class at St Swithun’s Junior School, Romily and Saffy, aged five, are beside themselves with excitement, as their chicks have hatched and are cheeping from the classroom incubator.

Saffy skips off to make a chick from feathers and a loo roll while Romily proudly tells me the best thing about school is getting messy, especially when she’s doing pizza-making.

Thea, who wants to be a firefighter ‘because you can spray lots of things with water’, is counting money in the role-play area, and Milo is deep in concentration practising his writing in a card for his ‘very beautiful’ mummy.

With one-to-one support teacher Christine, Holly is chattering away in a combination of Makaton and speech, reading labels from pretend presents to work out who they belong to.

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