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Stagecoach carries over 60,000 passengers a week in Winchester, and recently invested £2.5 million in the city-centre fleet, introducing new buses on routes 1, 3, 5 and Spring.

But it’s not only for its improved services that Stagecoach is making life better for locals. Catching the bus is around 60 per cent cheaper than commuting by car, according to its latest survey, which shows bus users save an average of over £1,200 a year by leaving the car at home.

Martin Gibbon is operations manager of Stagecoach’s Winchester and Andover bus depots and took over running the Winchester depot in 2013, when he was just 24. He was awarded the 2015 UK Bus Awards Young Manager of the Year title in November last year.

Martin says: “The biggest challenge in Winchester is working around the city traffic with very few dedicated bus lanes. In some cities, traffic lights are synched with local buses to give them priority on congested routes. This is something I would like to happen here too.

“Working alongside Hampshire County Council we will soon be installing real-time information systems at the majority of bus stops in Winchester so that passengers know exactly when a bus is due during busy periods. Other recent developments have included automatic announcements of every stop, which are useful for people with poor sight.

“The most enjoyable part of my job is taking pride in knowing that we deliver a quality, reliable service that forms an integral part of Winchester’s local community. Many of our drivers are known by name to passengers, and bus services contribute not only to people’s working lives but also to the way they spend their leisure time and meet friends and family.”

Did you know?

Winchester’s bus depot has 110 drivers and 55 buses covering 25 routes.

Save with Stagecoach

 Children under five travel free on Stagecoach buses.

The £2 nightrider fare offers unlimited travel on all Stagecoach routes across Hampshire after 7pm.

The Megarider ticket costs £46 for four weeks’ travel across the city.

The Unirider ticket costs £170 for a term’s worth of travel across the city.

Full information on timetables and maps can be found at


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